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HHAS gives St Albans woman award for 25 years volunteer service

October 2011: Doris Scott from St Albans has been given an award by the Hertfordshire Hearing Advisory Service (HHAS) for her long-term volunteer service.

Doris Scott being presented with a certificate and bunch of flowers by Gary Appleby

On 5 October, Doris was presented with a certificate and bunch of flowers by Gary Appleby, HHAS' Volunteer Co-ordinator, at her home in thanks of her 25 years service to the charity. Doris works as a volunteer "Hearing Aider" for the charity, helping local people maintain their hearing aids and offering support on coping with hearing loss.

Gary thanked Doris on behalf of the charity for her many years volunteer service. "We are so grateful to Doris for her dedication in helping people with hearing loss. She is one of HHAS' longest standing volunteers and has helped countless people with hearing loss over the years," said Gary.

Doris regularly helps hard of hearing people that attend the weekly luncheon club at St Stephens Church in Watling Street. She also visits local people who are housebound to help with their hearing aid.

"I'm chuffed to be able to help people," said Doris. "As I wear hearing aids myself, I know what it's like when they stop working - everything goes silent and you feel totally isolated."

During her long period volunteering, Doris has seen first-hand the advances in hearing aid technology.

"Technology for the hard of hearing has changed a lot in the last 25 years," said Doris. "When I started volunteering, many people wore bulky body hearing aids. Some of the technology used was basic - I remember one lady who used an ivory ear trumpet to help her hear!"

Although Doris celebrated her 80th birthday this year, she has no intention of stopping her volunteer work.

"I will carry on as long as I can," said Doris. "I think if you keep active and keep meeting people, you stay young. If you sit down, you stagnate."

HHAS urgently needs more volunteers in the St Albans area to help local people suffering from hearing loss. To find out more about volunteering for the charity, contact Gary Appleby on 01707 324 582 or